Donna Barchiesi

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Senior Manager, People and Quality

Donna has a 30 year career spanning a broad range of sectors and industries including health, research, IT, native title, environmental science, geospatial science and private sector consultancy. She has a background in local and Commonwealth government; mostly recently working as Director People, Governance and Regulatory Services and being a member of the senior management team for South Australia's largest metropolitan council employing 750 staff and with 900 volunteers. She has held several Board roles and was fortunate to be mentored earlier in her Board career by former head of the ANZ Bank, Will Bailey AO. She has represented industry on various technical working groups to the Federal government.

Donna operates her own consultancy business, Corporate Solutions, providing advice to companies planning corporate services initiatives. She has authored several peer-reviewed research papers in management systems. She firmly believes in the ability of good management systems to deliver strong service outcomes for clients.

Donna enjoys a busy, soccer-infused family life with a husband, 2 teenage children, elderly parents and a far-away sister and niece (living in Canada) and In-Laws (living in Italy). She enjoys cooking (and hence, eating), running, anything by the beach, politics, gardening and spending time with family & friends. If she could choose 3 things not to have to do, they would be: cleaning, making school lunches and grocery shopping. Things on her bucket-list include travel (Cuba, Mongolia), learning to paint with oils, volunteering with Medicin-Sans-Frontiers and self-building a straw bale house.


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