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Thank You Morialta Trust!

thank you morialta trust

Our Inner Southern Homelessness team successfully applied for a grant through the Morialta Charitable Trust Fund late last year.
Morialta Trust supports projects that are innovative; that are preventive or can achieve early intervention; or, that will help to redress social injustice and poverty. It supports organisations that will add value to the distributions through their own input or through partnerships with others in their community work.
Inner Southern Homeless Service assists families and individuals who are: experiencing a housing crisis, homeless, in crisis support accommodation, facing eviction or escaping family violence. Usually families who experience such trauma come away with very few material possessions.
Our service will use the generous donation from the Morialta Trust to assist those families and individuals with necessities such as doonas, underlays, pillows and pillow cases, sheet sets and blankets.
If you would also like to support this life-changing program you can make a financial donation and/or view our Wish List.

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