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The pot has boiled and we're ready to serve!

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UCWB was delighted to host the Governor of South Australia, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR, and the Minister for Health, the Hon Jack Snelling MP to celebrate the history of the SA Community Foodies Program and launch the program of the future.

Community Foodies is a state-wide program that aims to promote and support healthy eating in the community by building the capacity of community members to promote and support healthy eating in their own community through training that develops their skills and knowledge in group work, leadership, and key nutrition messages.

Known as "Foodies", these trained volunteers are supported by health professionals to work with people and organisations in the community to promote and support healthy eating.

Foodies volunteer their time to run activities such as hands-on cooking classes, supermarket tours, menu planning, cooking demonstrations, label reading, and edible gardens. This provides the participants with the knowledge and confidence to include their new skills into day-to-day living.

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The recent Australian Health Survey found that just over one-third of total energy consumed was from 'discretionary foods', that is foods considered to be of little nutritional value and which tend to be high in saturated fats, sugars, salt and/or alcohol. The Community Foodies program seeks to counter that with 4 key simple messages which are: eat breakfast every day, eat more fruit and vegetables, eat more whole foods, drink more water and less sugary drinks.

The strength of this program is that it goes beyond simply teaching people how to cook healthy recipes, by also linking vulnerable people in with other social services available within the community.

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UCWB is proud to have been chosen to deliver this program as it complements many of our other capacity building programs such as Utilities Literacy, Low Cost Living and Skills for Life. By collaborating with ac.care and UnitingCare Wesley Country SA the program can reach all corners of South Australia, and ensure that the 4 Key Messages of healthy eating improve the health and wellbeing of all South Australians.

For more information please visit: communityfoodies.com or call UCWB on 8245 7100

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