Issue 03.17 3 February 2017

What's good and bad in the draft child safety bill? - 31 January 2017

The draft Children and Young People (Safety) Bill 2016  which has been released by the State Government for comment will be at the heart of the child protection reform when it is passed by Parliament this year.  It brings in some strong statements of principle and an increased emphasis on participation by children but there are also some omissions and concerns.

Puddle Jumpers: Camp NominationsOpen & Upcoming Events - 2 February 2017  south  west

Gowrie SA: Sunday Fun for Dads & Kids - from 5 February 2017  west

MarionLIFE Youth Program - from 17 February 2017  south

MarionLIFE Youth is a youth drop-in space for local 12-17 year olds in the Youth Centre building between 3-5pm on Fridays during school Terms 1 and 2, 2017. It will include a safe ‘hang-out’ space with fun activities, life skills workshops and a healthy light meal. It will also provide the opportunity for young people to access information about other relevant support services depending on their needs. This project is funded through the City of Marion Youth Grants Program.

Relationships Australia: Bringing Up Great Kids - starting 24 February 2017  west

Please note that this BUGK program has been revised for and specifically targets non-residential and limited contact parents (e.g. CCS, Families SA removal). For further enquiries, please contact the Child and Parenting Support ( CAPS) Team at Relationships Australia on 8340 2022. 

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