Issue 24.16 1 July 2016

New SA Dental Co-payment Fee Structure  for Adult Services- 1 July 2016  

Uniting Communities' Utilities Literacy Calendar of Events: Next event - 13 July 2016 south

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ACCAN: Compensation for outages due to extreme weather conditions

Telstra is reporting a number of Mass Service Disruption Exemptions. If your phone and internet services are out for a prolonged period of time you may be entitled to compensation. Follow the headline link to find out more about seeking compensation for outages. [ACCAN]

ASIC'S MoneySmart Cars App

ASIC's new MoneySmart Cars app helps consumers save money by identifying the real cost of buying a car. It also helps people avoid common car buying traps, identify hidden costs and find alternate ways to finance a car.  It supports and complements work ASIC has been doing around the sale of add-on insurance products with car purchases.

Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker

Covering the period from September 2015 to February 2016, the latest wave of the Australian Financial Attitudes and Behaviour Tracker research is now available on the National Financial Literacy Strategy website. The Tracker provides a targeted snapshot of what consumers and investors are doing to manage their money, in relation to a number of specific financial attitudes and behaviours.

Ruf Us Charitable Trust

Ruf Us Charitable Trust is a charity run entirely by volunteers to assist the homeless and to prevent homelessness in Adelaide. Ruf Us collects donations of furniture etc.

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