Issue 11.17 7 April 2017

Supporting Resilient Workers: Addressing Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Burnout - 18 May 2017

This course, held in Kent Town, provides information, skills development and reflection exploring vicarious trauma and resilience for workers in helping roles. For more information or to register please contact Fiona Meade on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 0452 040 997.

Housing Matters - 4 April 2017

In this edition:
  • The housing crisis on Rear Vision - Radio National program
  • Free Indigenous cultural program
  • AHURI: The funding and delivery of programs to reduce homelessness – case study evidence
  • Australian Government moves on impact investing
  • CHIA publishes Federal budget submission

Uniting Communities: Beulah Park Low Income Support Program E-News - April 2017  east

Living Smart Newsletter and Courses in Adelaide - May 2017

Financial Literacy CoP: Video of Kylie Macfarlane and Miles Larbey

New videos of Kylie speaking about the Start Smart story book and virtual reality experience, and an update on ASIC's MoneySmart Teaching resources for schools and online professional learning modules are now available for viewing.

The next Community of Practice will be held on 28 April 2017.  

World Health Day Statement: Meagre Rate if Newstart IS a Health Issue - Time for a Raise

A Joint Statement from Anti-Poverty Network SA and Public Asssociation of Australia.

The Debt Vultures Webinar

Debt vultures’ are firms that promise to help consumers in financial hardship or with listings of payment defaults on their credit reports, but ASIC has shown that these firms often rely on high pressure selling techniques, one-size-fits-all products being offered despite their unsuitability, and poor disclosure of high fees.

Community Legal Centres and Financial Counsellors have been cleaning up the messes of debt vultures for years with regular complaints from our clients who were expecting financial help, but were instead taken advantage of. In this webinar, Cat Newton and Lachlan Edwards (Consumer Action) discuss how we can assist clients to get refunds when the service claimed simply has not been delivered, and provide them with real help.

When Passion is Payment

If you’re engaging your volunteers well, they’re not only a valuable workforce, but an invaluable channel, writes Think HQ account director Stefan Delatovic who offers five tips for retaining volunteers.

Muhammad Yunus - YouTube

If you watched Q&A on Monday night you would have seen Muhammad Yunus.  Watch his TED talk on the History of Microfinance for more.

Legacy phone contract leaves 80-year-old Telstra customer overpaying

If you’re on an older phone or internet contract you may be paying more for your service than you need to. We recommend consumers review their plans regularly to ensure they are getting the best deal. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Enhanced protections against unwanted telemarketing calls

The ACMA has re-made the Telecommunications (Telemarketing and Research Calls) Industry Standard with improvements to help Australians better manage unwanted telemarketing.

Fake SMS targets WhatsApp users

WhatsApp users are being warned to beware of phishing scams being delivered via SMS. [Stay Smart Online]

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