Issue 02.17 10 February 2017

Aboriginal Cultural Advisor Role Advertised - Disability SA ....Apply Apply Apply!! - closing 16 February 2017

There is a vacancy for one of the 4 Aboriginal Cultural Advisor positions in Disability SA. Whilst it’s a short contract there is always a chance that contracts may be extended. Because of the nature of the role and its responsibilities, the position is identified under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (Sect 56) provision, so it is only open to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This particular Aboriginal Cultural Advisor role is based from the Salisbury office, but the Aboriginal Services Team also connect under the Aboriginal Services Program that Yolonde Tregenza manages and has talked about at Weaving The Nets (WTN). The other Aboriginal Cultural Advisors have attended the WTN meetings too and so people who come to the meetings would have heard a bit about their roles through our service updates: they are Christine Wilson, Ali Warrior and Richard Aitken. 

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