December Bowden Bulletin now available

The latest isssue of UnitingCare Wesley Bowden's quarterly newsletter, the Bowden Bulletin is now available.

The December 2010 edition includes:

Exciting news on our Christmas appeal launch including guests Brenton Ragless and Keith Conlon
News and events from the Community Care Services team
An update form the Inner Southern Homelessness Service
A story from the Assisting with Care and Housing for the Aged program
News about 25 new properties provided to Westside Housing Association
Information on the UnitingCare Wesley Bowden Creche

And much more.

The Bowden Bulletin is available for immediate download here or pick up a copy from our office.

Charity Golf Day at the Blackwood Golf Club Friday 8 October 2010

Golfers will tell you that a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work. Well for Bowden, being the beneficiary of the 2010 UC Invest Golf Day resulted in a good day on the golf course and a good day at work. UC Invest generously nominated Bowden as this year’s charity and Bowden staff participated with a team of males (Bowden Bashers) and a team of ladies (Bowden Belles) plus four staff to work with UC Invest staff to make sure the day went smoothly. Bowden Chief Executive (Julian Sawicki) was very pleased to receive a cheque for $13,000 from the Manager of UC Invest (Paul Barnett) during the lunch. The proceeds of the day will go towards two new program initiatives established by Bowden this year.

Footprints: This program is to assist children with social and physical coordination issues to participate in a supervised yet fun filled sports skills activity. Commenced in April 2010 – the first program centred on Aussie Rules, and Bowden was very grateful to have a couple of Crows and Carlton AFL players to work with the children. This pilot program was a great success and many of the children and their parents requested that the program be continued during future school holiday breaks and that it becomes a regular feature of Bowden’s services. Thanks to UC Invest and golfers on the day; Bowden has been able to continue this program for the time being. In the September school holidays a further Footprints program was held, this time involving the soccer community and Bowden was this time grateful to the Adelaide United Soccer Club for the participation of almost the entire team, including Eugene Galekovic, one of the Socceroo Goal Keepers – you cannot get much better than that! Bowden staff were also pleased, to be working with elite and world class athletes who gave their time, their compassion, their skill and their sense of humour to a group of young people who would not ever have had such an opportunity before. In December/January coming, Bowden will again run a program but this time with the Net Ball community and will also provide a range of other physical activities for participating children. Happily, this program will be conducted with the support and participation of the Adelaide Thunderbirds Netball Club – Again; at the elite sports level – you cannot get better than that! Think about the positive role models that come from the involvement of people at the top of their sport, in programs and activities such as the Footprints program.

Independent Living Skills: This is a pilot program for a group of young people, most of us never think about – Young Carers. Young Carers are a unique yet hidden group of special young people. They are young children and early teens who care for a parent or older sibling with significant health issues. These young carers care for parents with serious illness, mental issues, or substance dependence. Or, they might help their parent(s) care for a sibling with a major health problem. They are the forgotten carers with major responsibilities far too early in their lives that detrimentally impact on their ability to be children, grow up as a child, or worse – impact upon their schooling. They have responsibilities that many children can not imagine. These children run a very real risk of mental illness themselves, as well as the risk of dropping out of school much too early – limiting their personal and social development options, limiting their work or career opportunities and therefore running the risk of perpetuating low income, low skilled employment, unemployment or broken work patterns and opening them up to personal and family dysfunction in their own adult lives. This program is planned to be a 10 week program, after school hours with the following key aims: 1) Social awareness skills 2) Improved social interaction 3) Confidence building 4) Establishment of peer support 5) To provide respite from their normal daily responsibilities. 6) Basic home and personal care skills The broader Young Carer Support program conducted by Bowden also has a prime focus to ensure that these young carers remain in the education system as long as possible to ensure they complete their secondary education. Access to education is one of the main factors in assisting people to become members of society in a productive manner and thus help in not perpetuating the cycle of disadvantage, unemployment, family breakdown, homelessness and/or mental illness. Bowden is very grateful to UC Invest and the golfers for their support.

Working together can produce Excellent results!

service excellence award ceremony

At a recent recognition ceremony both UCW Bowden and Westside Housing Association were congratulated on achieving the Award Level of the Service Excellence Quality Program.

In November 2009 UCW Bowden commenced, in earnest, the Certificate Level self assessment of the program and achieved a successful audit result the following month leading to the Certificate level accreditation.

Wanting to continually improve all we do; Westside Housing Association, together with UCW Bowden then began working towards the higher Award level of the Service Excellence Quality program. In June 2010 both UCW Bowden and Westside were assessed for the Award level. This assessment was a success with both UCW Bowden and Westside  being awarded the Award level  accreditation.

The award certificates and Star were presented at a ceremony held on 2 September 2010 as can be seen from the photographs as management received the Award Level certificate and a Service Excellence glass Star from Joslene Mazel, Chief Executive, Department for Families and Communities.

Awards are always welcome especially when they arise from a committed approach to quality by the management team and their staff.

Well Done to all involved.

Southern Homelessness Housewarming

Southern Homelessness Service Team

On a wintry late August afternoon the rain generously provided a welcome window in which to launch the UnitingCare Wesley Bowden Southern Homelessness Service.  Invited guests gathered at the Brighton Road Service Hub and were welcomed to country by Jamie Goldsmith on didgeridoo.  UCW Bowden Chief Executive Julian Sawicki provided the background to the Service and introduced the newest members of staff; the team who will be providing outreach and in home services to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness within the Local Government Areas of Holdfast Bay, Marion and Mitcham.  Chloe Fox, MP, followed the CE, welcoming guests and staff to the launch, ably assisted by Federal Labor MP, Steve Georganas.  Following the successful housewarming we look forward to assisting our current and future clients avoid homelessness and find a long term place to call home.

August Bowden Bulletin now available

Check out the latest isssue of UnitingCare Wesley Bowden's quarterly newsletter, the Bowden Bulletin to discover the latest news and to learn how UCW Bowden is working with its corporate sponsors and members of the community.

The August 2010 edition includes:

Exciting news on the launch of our Inner South Homelessness service
Information on the Christmas Hamper and AdoptAFamily Programs
A story on the important work of our volunteers
News about the expansion of the alcohol and other drugs counselling service
Information on the Every Child Has Opportunities program

And much more.

The Bowden Bulletin is available for immediate download from our media centre or pick up a copy from our office from Monday 30th August.


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