Opportunites and Innovations


Opportunities and Innovation

Private sector partnership, leadership, financial resources and innovation are critical in helping UnitingCare Wesley Bowden to deliver services that provide positive social impact within our most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

Alongside of UCWB, private sector partnership has the opportunity to lead innovation in the delivery of services. As a well-respected community organisation, operating since 1850, UCWB covers a range of services including; disability, aged care, carers, mental health, financial health and low cost living, homelessness and families and children.

We help people and families of all backgrounds to acquire the life skills and support they need to confidently and proudly create a fulfilled and stable future for themselves. We enable those who are experiencing personal, social or financial distress, to cope with their immediate situation with strength and dignity.

Within community sectors, systems reform has been an long-term process, experienced by many social enterprises. This continues to challenge these organisations through a significant decrease in the level of government funding available across the sector. With the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), commencing in July 2017 this reform restructures the ability to utilise government funding for continued operations, challenging all community organisations in the continued delivery of services and the restructure of operating environments.

The wider private sector offers UCWB the opportunity to discover new ideas, challenge and understand opportunities, grow in knowledge, increase community collaboration, financial support and the development of an entrepreneur mindset, a new approach within the community sector.

At UCWB we invite involvement in these initiatives; through financial support, innovation and ideas development, collaboration, in-kind support and creative thinking.

To confidentially register your interest, in becoming a UCWB corporate sponsor or establishing a corporate partnership today at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Alternatively if you would like to discuss this further please call 8245 7100.