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At UCWB we do two equally important things

  • We help people and families of all backgrounds to acquire the life skills and support they need to confidently and proudly create a fulfilled and stable future for themselves.
  • We enable those who are experiencing personal, social or financial distress, to cope with their immediate situation with strength and dignity

UCWB StratPlan Summary

For more than 150 years UCWB has been providing services to the community, in partnership with the community, to achieve long-term positive outcomes for clients.

UCWB services cover a range of service areas including:

• Disability
• Mental health
• Aged care
• Low cost living
• Homelessness
• Families and children
• Parenting
• Counselling
• Child care
• Carers
• Multicultural services
• Carer support including Young carers, and respite

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