Issue 20.17 16 October 2017

Working with Aboriginal Men and Family Violence Conference  - 7 and 8 December 2017  (City)

This conference will bring together a range of people working with Aboriginal men to address family violence in communities across Australia. The purpose of the conference is to advance, support and promote initiatives which focus on working with Aboriginal men to address a range of issues including strengthening cultural identity, addressing trauma, taking responsibility for harmful behaviours, better fathering – all of which contribute to improved safety for families and communities.

Conference speakers represent diverse areas of expertise including; community workers, psychologists, researchers, health practitioners and legal practitioners. The conference will hear about the work being done in communities and beyond to better understand what is needed to address male family violence. The conference has been designed so there is maximum time for those attending the conference to interact and ask questions. We want to know what else is happening out there.

The majority of speakers are Aboriginal people, expert in their specific fields. To purchase tickets please click here.

Issue 19.17 4 September 2017

Improving cultural understanding and engagement with people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Craig Rigney (CEO Kornar Winmil Yunti), 1800RESPECT, 2017
This webinar explores the complexities of domestic and Aboriginal family violence, provides insights into greater Aboriginal cultural competency and community engagement, and shares best practice approaches to recognising and responding for frontline workers across all sectors.

Bringing Them Home 20 years on: an action plan for healing

Patricia Anderson, Edward Tilton, Healing Foundation, 2017
“This is a report for everyone, and outlines as a whole how we can actively support healing for Stolen Generations and their descendants. There needs to be commitment to making change. We all have a responsibility to do this together.”

Stronger safer together

Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care, 2017
This publication is intended as a reflective practice resource and toolkit for services providing support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Issue 18.17 21 August 2017

ALA Webinar: Including and valuing Indigenous perspectives in learning - 23 August 2017

This webinar aims to develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and the impact of culture, cultural identity and linguistic background on their education. It will also explore education programs that have successfully engaged with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adult learners.

Issue 17.17 7 August 2017

South Australian Dental Service: Traineeship Program  - September 2017

Each year the SA Dental Service offer over 20 Dental Assistant Traineeship Positions across the state (metro & country locations). Please find below links to the following information;
The eligibility criteria for our traineeship is;
  • 17 to 30 years if Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. (We currently have 2 positions quarantine for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander applicants).
  • Have finished year 11
Online applications will open 01/09/2017 to 22/09/2017 for a February 2018 start date, with a 12 month contract.

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