ROSC Carer Support Programs

Resource Options and Support For Carers Programs

Our Carer Consultants work closely with you in identifying and setting goals to meet your specific needs and requirements in your caring role. This may include education, information, advocacy, links to peer support groups, or referrals to other community services.

The Carer Consultants will work with you in co-designing a support plan that supports and strengthens your capacity to support the person living with a mental illness, improves your quality of life as well as supporting links and referral pathways to other services. A carer consultant would be pleased to meet you or answer any queries you may have over the phone.

Referrals can be made directly by carers, community service workers, a GP, or a family member or friend, with the knowledge and consent of the carer. Contact us at 08 8245 7110.

The program is delivered by UnitingCare Wesley Bowden and is funded by SA Health.


Healthy Eating Workshops - 4 Key Messages - 4, 11, 18 & 25 March 2015

Revive YMCA Retreat - Information Sessions - 11 March 2015

Revive YMCA Retreat - 22 - 24 April 2015

Carer Support Groups

Do you take responsibility for shopping, personal hygiene, dressing, social support, bill paying or medication, for an adult with a mental illness?

Currently, there are six ROSC Carer Support Groups operating in metro Adelaide. The groups meet monthly providing an opportunity for carers to meet friends with a shared experience of caring for someone living with a mental illness. During this informal catch up, carers are encouraged to make new friends, relax and enjoy the company of others by remaining connected.

Parenting Support Group: Connecting Families - Third Monday of the Month

Inner North Western Group: Komodo Catch-up - Second Thursday of the Month

North Eastern Group: Stop and Smell the Coffee - First Tuesday of the Month

East Group: New flyer coming soon!

Inner South Group: Brighton Support Group - last Wednesday of the Month

InnFor Male Carers: Mates Breaks - First Friday of the Month, plus various outings

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