Dementia support

Dementia Education and Training for Carers aims to provide dementia education and training for carers and families of those living with dementia, and improve the quality of living for the person with dementia, by increasing the knowledge and confidence of the carers.

How can we support you?

UCWB provides support for those people who care for others by offering short term and emergency services including:

  • Flexible respite care options
  • Transport assistance, domestic help or personal care at times when a carer is unable to provide this support
  • Access to personal, financial or family counselling
  • Access to social and recreational activities to keep you connected to your community
  • Education and wellbeing programs
  • Education about dementia, coping skills, and access to resources and in formation to assist carers of a loved one with dementia

For more resources visit Facing Dementia Together

Watch Helen talk about her husband’s dementia diagnosis and how they are coping at home:

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