Unplugged – Internet gaming workshops

UCWB offer workshops to schools that can help parents learn how to identify problematic gaming and develop practical strategies to support healthier gaming and internet use.

While playing internet games can be a safe and healthy activity for children and young people, internet use and gaming can become a problem.

The valuable workshops cover:

  • Definitions of internet and gaming addiction.
  • How to identify signs of problematic gaming.
  • The mental and physical health implications of high levels of gaming.
  • Why gamers play (emotional needs and the brain).
  • How to communicate effectively with their children about gaming and technology.
  • Practical tips and proven strategies to combat problem gaming (common mistakes to avoid).
  • Current internet and gaming trends, latest scientific research.
  • The other dangers of gaming (eg: micro-transactions, loot boxes, in-app purchases).
  • How to manage associated problems (eg: school refusal).

Unplugged was co-developed with Dr Huu Kim Le at CGI Clinic and Cam Adair at  GameQuitters. Workshops are delivered by UCWB and Psychology SA.

Information for schools

Unplugged workshops run for two hours and are offered free to schools and parents. Promotional materials are provided free for distribution and parents will be given an information handbook. Bookings are managed by UCWB through trybookings.

To book a workshop for your school, please email unplugged@ucwb.org.au or complete the online form below.

Unplugged enquiry

Unplugged is offered free to schools and families. Use this form to enquire about booking a workshop for your school.
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