Emergency Relief Centres

At UnitingCare Emergency Relief Centres, people in need can receive food, clothing and essential items and help with household items, such as bedding and furniture.

The centres are set up at Uniting Churches across Adelaide and will remain open even if we under lockdown restrictions during COVID-19.

Some are only open on certain days. This doesn’t mean they aren’t available to assist you on other days. If you are in an emergency situation and need immediate help, please call them and let them know. They will help you.

If you contact any of the centres, please tell them that you have been referred by UnitingCare Wesley Bowden.

UCare Gawler (North)

Food parcels and clothing vouchers each weekday between 9.30am and 3pm. 40 Tod St, Gawler. Click on the button below to see a map. Ph: 8522 5269.

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UnitingCare Taperoo (West)

Clothing and other essential items available on Fridays between 9am and 1pm. Frozen meals available on Tuesdays between 11am and 1pm. 63 Gedville Rd, Taperoo. Click on the button to see a map. Please call them to discuss your needs. Ph: 0422 851 455.

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UnitingCare Modbury (North East)

Food parcels and take away meals, on request. Please call them to discuss your needs. Note that the Minister can speak Nepali and they can deliver. 576 Montague Rd, Modbury North. Click on the button to see a map. Ph: 0421 130 788.

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UnitingCare Salisbury (North)

Food and takeaway meals on Mondays and Wednesdays between 11am and 2pm – if you are a resident of one of the suburbs that make up the City of Salisbury. You will need to take in proof of your address when you go in. 59-61 Park Terrace, Salisbury. Click on the button to see a map. Ph: 8258 2675...

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UnitingCare Aberfoyle Park (South)

Food parcels on Tuesday afternoons. Please phone them to discuss your needs as they prepare the parcels in advance. 42 Sunnymeade Dr, Aberfoyle Park. Click on the button to see a map. Ph: 8370 6472

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UnitingCare Glenelg (West)

Food parcels, chemist prescriptions and toiletries on Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays between 11.30am and 2.30pm and takeaway meals on Tuesdays at 6pm. 92 Jetty Road, Glenelg. Click the button to see the map. Ph: 8295 1771.

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UnitingCare Woodville Gardens (West)

Food on Tuesday and Thursdays and food toiletries and clothing on Wednesdays and Fridays between 8.30am and 2pm. 80 Ridley Grove, Woodville Gardens. Click on the button to see a map. Ph: 0412 107 105 or 0417 217 320.

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UnitingCare Enfield (North East)

Food and clothing vouchers + drop-in lunch on Tuesdays between 10am and 12pm. 247 Main North Rd, Sefton Park. Click on the button to see a map. Ph: 7120 7837.

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UnitingCare North Adelaide

Food parcels on Wednesdays between 11am and 2pm. 193 Brougham Place, North Adelaide. Click on the button to see a map. Ph: 8267 2657.

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