Environmental Action Plan

Like our commitment to our community, our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is at the heart of what we do and embedded in the way we operate.

Our operations aim to reduce our waste, energy usage and greenhouse gasses while increasing our recycling and fostering environmental sustainability at all levels across the organisation.

We have set ourselves targets and are taking action on a daily basis to ensure we meet them. From replacing our florescent lighting to ensuring our fleet cars are hybrid or powered by electricity, we are working towards becoming more environmentally sustainable. We’ve achieved so much to date, but recognise we have further to go to achieve our goal reducing our environmental impact.

Our Commitment 

UCWB recognises that everyone has responsibility to reduce the impact that we have on the environment.  As an organisation we are committed to reducing the impact that UCWB has on the environment in the course of our daily operations.

Our key activities:

  • Energy reduction practices.
  • Greenhouse reduction in UCWB fleet car.
  • Procurement of goods that meet sustainable standards.
  • Fostering a culture of sustainability.

Our targets:

  • Reduce non-renewable energy use in UCWB owned facilities by 5% by 2020.
  • Reduce greenhouse gases produced by UCWB fleet cars by 10% by 2021.
  • Provide staff and client awareness through activities designed to highlight sustainability.
  • Reduce waste produced by UCWB in the course of its business:
    • 70% of general waste is diverted from landfill by 2020.
    • 90% of paper is recycled by 2020.
    • Procurement of recycled printer paper only by 2019.
  • Develop and monitor a procurement policy outlining sustainable requirements.