Home Care Packages

A Home Care Package is your own flexible home care service plan with an allocated budget to spend on services and equipment.

A Home Care Package (HCP) can help you access home care services.


Your eligibility for a HCP will be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team, as referred by My Aged Care.

You may be eligible if you are having trouble doing everyday activities without help, need support to live independently at home, and are:

  • an older person who needs coordinated services to help them stay at home, or
  • a younger person with a disability, dementia or other care needs not met through other specialist services.

To receive a HCP, you must first be assessed by My Aged Care, who will refer you to the Aged Care Assessment Team for an in-home assessment. We can connect you with My Aged Care and attend any assessments with you if you would like.

There are four HCP levels that each have a different budget amount:

Level 1: Basic level support
Level 2: Low-level support
Level 3: Intermediate level support
Level 4: High-level support

Find out more about the HCP assessment process here


Find out more about our Home Care Package service fees here.