Homelessness service

Supporting people who may be homeless, at risk of losing their tenancy, residing in a boarding house or on a waiting list for accommodation and welcome singles, couples and families.

UCWB’s Homelessness Service is a regional homeless gateway and service hub that facilitates a combination of on-site community-based outreach and in-home support.

We support people in crisis and without accommodation and people already in accommodation but at risk of losing their tenancy. We advocate for supported clients and provide holistic support including financial counselling and welfare rights.  We can also act as a postal address and help with removals.

Based at Marion, we operate across the City of Marion, City of Holdfast Bay and the City of Mitcham and are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Homelessness programs

Boarding House Outreach Program

The Boarding House Outreach Support Program provides support and links to assist people to achieve improved wellbeing.  

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Intensive Tenancy Support Program

An intense, short-term program of support with links to services that can provide on-going assistance.

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