How to access home care services

Step 1: Arrange and assessment with My Aged Care

The first step towards receiving Home Care Services is to be assessed for a Home Care Package. To arrange for an assessment, contact My Aged Care, to arrange your free assessment with the Aged Care Assessment Team.

Step 2: Find out your eligibility

My Aged Care will send you a letter advising whether you are eligible and if so, which level of Home Care Package you can receive. You will also be placed in a national queue to be allocated your home care package via a referral code.

Step 3: Compare providers

You can choose your own Home Care Service provider and are in control of how your package is spent. You can start making enquirers about receiving Home Care Services prior to being assigned a Home Care Package. UCWB can provide you with information and quotes for the services we offer.

Step 3: Receive your referral code

My Aged Care will send you another letter advising of the referral code you have been assigned in order to access your Home Care Package.

Step 4: Choose your provider and create a plan

Once you have chosen your provider and advised them of your referral code, you can work with them to create a plan. UCWB will listen to what you have to say and take the time to understand your needs and work with you to coordinate a plan that ensures you get the most out of your package. Your Home Care Services plan is flexible and can be updated as your needs change. Your Home Care Package is your own and you can take it with you if you move or want to change providers.