Mental health services

Supporting women with the unique challenges of motherhood.

The group guides mothers to support their child’s development, nurture and manage their emotions and sustain relationships. It can also help mothers understand why they might harm themselves, which may help change this behaviour.

How the service is delivered

6 x 2 hour weekly sessions.

Who the service is for

Women aged 16 years, or over, who are experiencing stress or signs of not coping.

How to access the service

For enquiries and referral information, please visit the Links to Wellbeing website.

Enquiries can be made by the person seeking support, a friend or family member, a doctor or a mental health provider.



How else can we support you?

Child and Family Mental Health Program

Tailored short term and intensive mental health support for children and families.

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National Psychological Support Measure

One-to-one coaching and group activities to support recovery for people with severe mental health issues.

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Links to Wellbeing

Due to COVID-19 (the coronavirus), Links to Wellbeing is not currently offering face-to-face sessions. Find out more on their website. Contact them on 08 8326 3591 to discuss your options.

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Mother-infant dialectical behaviour therapy group

Supporting women with the unique challenges of motherhood.

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