Carer support services

Services for mental health carers

Who the programme is for
People aged 14 years and over who are caring for someone with a mental illness aged 18 years and over.

Programme delivery
Our Carer Coordinators work closely with carers to discuss their specific needs and requirements and to develop an individual carer support plan. A Young Carers Coordinator works with carers aged 14 to 25 years.

The carer support plan outlines the supports and services identified by the carer as being of most use to them.

These may include:

  • Information about mental illness.
  • Assistance with accessing services to support the person they are caring for.
  • Coordination and negotiation of services on their behalf.
  • Peer support groups.
  • Assistance to maintain their health and wellbeing.
  • Direct referral to other carer support services.

How to access the programme
Please phone our Customer Relationship Team on 8245 7196 orĀ send us an email.

Referrals can be made by the person seeking support, a friend or family member, a doctor or a community service.

There are no fees to access Resource Options and Support for Carers. Other providers may charge to access their services. However, we can discuss these with carers, if required.

Funded by SA Health

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