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Being a carer can sometimes be a lonely task. Often carers themselves are not aware that they may be eligible for emotional and financial support.

A carer is someone who may be assisting a family member or a friend in their day-to-day life who could be aged and frail, have a disability, a mental illness or ongoing physical illness.

Some carers provide support 24 hours a day personal care while other carers help a fairly independent person with specific tasks during the day like showering and getting to medical appointments.

“It’s so nice to know that as a carer I’m not alone and that through UCWB I can get respite when I need it. I also really enjoy the carer engagement activities run by UCWB.” Carmel.

As a carer, you probably do all of these things and provide emotional, social or financial support to your friend or loved one, leaving little time for yourself.

If you find yourself in this situation where you are feeling tired and frustrated that you have no personal time, the friendly and experienced team at UCWB can help you to find out what funded services you may be eligible for. You can order a free aged care information pack today which has information on carer respite services available.

Services available for carers, depending on eligibility, include short-term and emergency respite care along with a range of services to help maintain your wellbeing including:

  • Flexible respite care options
  • Transport assistance, domestic help or personal care at times when you are unable to provide this support
  • Access to personal, financial or family counselling
  • Access to social and recreational activities to keep you connected to your community
  • Education and wellbeing programs such as skills building and workshops
  • Connecting you with other cares
  • Providing information, links and referral to other services which might meet your needs in the long term

You are not alone! To find out about UCWB’s range of Commonwealth-funded services and community education and information programs order our free aged care information pack today or contact the UCWB team on 8245 7196 or customer@ucwb.org.au

Remember, UCWB is the first call for carers.