UCWB Stories

A hardy group of volunteers – many of them residents of Kapara Residential Living – take part in the UCWB Telephone Club where they phone elderly and isolated people in the community for a chat twice a week.

Ten members of the club enjoyed a Christmas party in Kapara’s spacious dining room on Friday, 8 December. The club has been going for four years and stalwarts like Daphne, Joan and Valma were on hand to share in Christmas lunch.

UCWB Team Leader, Coralie Griffiths, said what began as a voluntary community service has resulted in the formation of many firm friendships among the 17 club members and those they telephone.

“They enjoy talking to their peers and they also enjoy the fact that they have an opportunity to give something back to their community,” Coralie says.

“It’s more than a social club, it’s become a friendship club and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between the volunteers and the call recipients, many of who are in their 90s.”

With around 100 recipients of phone calls on the books the Telephone Club enjoyed a well-earned celebration.

Thank you to the Telephone Club and the generous staff at Kapara for another wonderful year, and Merry Christmas!