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Hear Dawn talk about the aged care services she receives from UCWB


Dawn Sinclair is fiercely independent and like many people her age is determined to stay living in her own home within her local community for as long as she can.

But once Dawn, 77, lost her husband a few years ago she found it increasingly difficult to manage on her own with simple domestic tasks such as cleaning the bathroom and making the bed.

Dawn called UCWB and enquired about aged care services. If you’re interested in the kind of help that Dawn is receiving you can order a free aged care information pack today from UCWB.

“I have a carer who comes in once a week. She vacuums, washes the kitchen floor, cleans the bathroom, without it, I wouldn’t be able to stay independently living. I live alone and I just wouldn’t be able to cope,” Dawn says.

“I cannot clean the bathroom properly myself, I cannot make my bed properly myself and I cannot lift a mop bucket by myself.

“I’m in clover at the moment, and it’s all thanks to UCWB.” Dawn

“Before UCWB, I had my husband at home still living with me. We managed, just. But when I lost him, it was impossible to manage on my own.”

Dawn says she’s happier living at home and does not want to go into residential aged care.

“My husband spent the last six months of his life – he’d had a stroke and lost the use of his legs and I couldn’t lift him – I saw him in a nursing home, and if it’s humanly possible for me to stay at home, I want to,” Dawn says.

“Being in my own home, I can get up when I want to, I can go to bed when I want to, I can have my meals when I want to and if I don’t want to, I don’t have to and I am independent.

“UCWB have given me the best possible care and services that I could possibly get anywhere.”

“I’m in clover at the moment, and it’s all thanks to UCWB.”

Order you free aged care information pack today or call the friendly and experienced team at UCWB on 8245 7196 or email customer@ucwb.org.au