UCWB Stories

Thinking ahead and taking control of your future aged care needs can make your life much more enjoyable and take the pressure off you and your loved ones.

Mary and Ken did just that when they contacted UCWB to ask about available options to help them to stay at home living independently for longer.

They became concerned when Ken fell off a ladder while cleaning the gutters, something he’s been doing every autumn for years. While Ken was lucky that he wasn’t too badly injured and made a full recovery, he now appreciates that some help at home with the more difficult tasks is not such a bad idea.

“When Ken fell off the ladder, I thought, ‘that’s it’, we’ll have to make some big changes. Luckily, he has recovered but it’s given us enough cause to think about taking better care of ourselves and planning for our future old age.” Mary.

Our team of aged care experts at UCWB have come up with five ways to help you to improve the quality of your life while living in your own home. If you want to know more you can order a free aged care information pack from UCWB today.

  1. Stay living independently in your own home

Help at home supports you to stay living independently in your own home by providing assistance in areas where you may need help. Living in your own home and staying in familiar surroundings is beneficial to your peace of mind and wellbeing. UCWB’s friendly and experienced aged care team can help you to explore the best ways to stay living independently in your own home.

  1. Get help with everyday tasks around the house

You may find that some tasks are becoming more difficult to manage like putting out full rubbish bins, emptying the dishwasher, mowing the lawn or hanging up the washing. UCWB’s staff can discuss with you the kind of support that will suit your needs best. You can start with the small things and get help with keeping the house tidy, the laundry, along with gardening and minor home maintenance.

  1. Personalised care

Receiving services from UCWB means you can receive personalised care in your own home tailored specifically to your own needs. At home you can get assistance with showering or dressing, with organising your medication or with meal preparation. UCWB will ensure their friendly and experienced support workers are fully aware of your needs.

  1. Staying touch

If you are living on your own, and perhaps not within walking distance of family or friends, it can be a challenge to avoid feeling alone during the course of the day. UCWB’s support staff can help you get to social outings or events that you like to attend and can also assist you with shopping. Or, a regular visit from a support worker can give your day a focal point and a chance for a friendly chat over coffee, lunch or afternoon tea.

  1. More quality time with your family

Often family members become primary caregivers for a loved one who is finding it harder to cope living at home. UCWB home care can help to ease the pressure on family with a range of services designed to help people remain living at home. This means that time spent with loved ones can be quality time you can enjoy together rather than focused on providing care.

Take control of your aged care needs today and order you free aged care information pack or contact our aged care team at UCWB on 8245 7196 or customer@ucwb.org.au