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A mother, wife and carer, Tracy’s world was turned upside down one September.

“Our son Jay had severe disabilities as a result of a brain haemorrhage at the age of two, sadly, he didn’t quite make it to his 21st birthday,” Tracy says.

Jay had struggled all of his life after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour at seven months and then suffering a brain haemorrhage and complications at the age of two.

“Within a week of Jay’s passing, my husband went into hospital. Ian died of liver failure not long after,” Tracy says.

The family had relied on Ian’s income as a bus driver. When Ian died, Tracy and 16-year-old Tye were left with nothing.

“I knew UCWB helped people but I had no idea they could assist with something like this.”Tracey

Struggling with the financial implications of losing her son and husband, Tracy’s circumstances quickly spiralled out of control.

“When Ian passed, there was no funeral service. I viewed him and said my goodbyes,” Tracy says.

“I had to sell Ian’s car to pay for Jay’s cremation. There was no money to pay the bills, let alone the funeral costs.”

Barely able to cover the first instalment for Jay’s funeral, Tracy came close to giving up as the second payment fell due.

That’s when a healthcare provider suggested UnitingCare Wesley Bowden’s financial counselling service.

“I knew UCWB helped people but I had no idea they could assist with something like this,” Tracy says.

UCWB’s financial counsellors provide a free, non-judgemental and confidential service to anyone experiencing financial difficulty.

From advice on managing financial problems, to speaking with creditors and negotiating repayment options, UCWB’s critical support service enables people to have choice, live with dignity and hold their high.

“David, a UCWB Financial Counsellor, took care of everything. It was such a relief. When he called, I was in tears.”

“I’ve always done everything on my own. This is the best support I have ever received in my life.”