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Families and individuals sometimes need a little help to strengthen relationships and build resilience.

The team at UCWB has professional clinicians who can help support families to build and maintain positive relationships and home environments.  UCWB provides professional services to support individuals with complex needs who require support in managing mental illness or support for those caring for someone with a mental illness.

How can we help improve your mental health?

Links to Wellbeing

Links to Wellbeing is an easy access, no cost, mental health support service that provides counselling and support services with an experienced mental health clinician for people who are experiencing mental illness. Advantages of this service: • Easy access through a centralised intake fax numbe...

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Psychology SA & CEDAS

Psychology SA and Children’s Early Developmental Assessment Service (CEDAS) is a UCWB social enterprise which provides fee-based psychological and counselling services.

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Resource Options and Support for Carers (ROSC)

ROSC supports carers of people experiencing mental illness. The UCWB team works with carers to set specific goals including connecting with psychological support, gaining or keeping employment, housing options, options for financial assistance, help with advocacy and referrals.

Partners in Recovery

Partners in Recovery provides coordinated support and flexible funding for people with severe and persistent mental illness, with complex support needs.  Partners in Recovery is designed to improve service connections across the domains of a person’s needs.

Child and Family Mental Health Program

The Child and Family Mental Health Program is a free service provided by UCWB and funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services that assists children and young people (0-18 years of age) at risk of developing mental health issues and their families.