Improve my wellbeing

Community wellbeing is the key to a happy meaningful life and UCWB has a number of ways to help you connect to your community and discover ways to improve your life, gain knowledge and skills, and give a helping hand to others.

The friendly team at UCWB can support you if you are experiencing difficulties with managing your finances, or at risk of losing your accommodation, need someone to talk to, or simply want to get involved and meet others in the community and learn something new.

How can we help improve your wellbeing?

SA Community Foodies

SA Community Foodies is a nutrition program that aims to build the capacity of individuals and communities to make healthier food choices by training and supporting volunteer community members (‘Foodies’) to act as agents for change.

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Links to Wellbeing

Links to Wellbeing is an easy access, no cost, mental health support service that provides counselling and support services with an experienced mental health clinician for people who are experiencing mental illness. Advantages of this service: • Easy access through a centralised intake fax numbe...

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Money Mentors

Money Mentors can help you gain skills that allow you to take charge of the day-to-day management of your money

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