What’s The Buzz?

A social skills enrichment program encouraging children to think about how to get along with others.

The program is delivered through direct teaching, role-play, quizzes and fun in the context of an encouraging group.

It aims to teach primary aged children how to:

  • Meet people, be friendly and hold a conversation
  • Give compliments and show care
  • Seek attention in constructive ways
  • Understand their own feelings
  • ‘Read’ the feelings of others
  • Take turns, be calmer under pressure, handle loss and disappointment with poise
  • Deal with worry
  • Thoughtfully respond to rejection and bullying
  • Always apply positive thinking to fix problems
  • Cope more resiliently with the inevitable emotional highs and lows that life offers

It is run for 16 weeks with a small group of children of the same age and stage.

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