Aged Care Consumer Advisory Group

We strive to provide the best aged care services possible that help you to get the most out of life.

Are you using our aged care services? Or have previously (or are a carer or family member of someone that has?)

We are establishing an Aged Care Consumer Advisory Group and invite you to be part of it.

Why should I participate?

It’s important that we hear your voice, and we recognise that everyone using our services have their own unique experiences. Your involvement will give us insight into your diverse needs, preferences and perspectives, so we can improve our services. Your lived experience is important to us and we value your thoughts and feedback.

You will get the opportunity to meet and connect with other like-minded people in a supportive environment to discuss matters that are important in aged care.

Members will be asked to share thoughts and ideas relating to:

  • The quality and range of our aged care services
  • The technology we use
  • Our communication and how we provide resources to you
  • Ways we can improve our services (and any issues of concern).

How will it work?

Meetings will take place at our office at 77 Gibson Street, Bowden with an option to attend online. (We can also provide additional supports for people to attend in person meetings).

Members of the group will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend up to four meetings in one calendar year
  • Agree to the Aged Care Consumer Advisory Group Code of Conduct and provide input on its development, including declaration of any conflicts of interest
  • Represent the view of the people who received home care services from UCWB
  • Actively contribute to discussion topics at Aged Care Consumer Advisory Group meetings by sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences and perspectives in a group setting

Participation in the Consumer Advisory Group is voluntary and as a member you will not be paid – although lunch will be provided at all meetings

How will members be selected?

Consumer Advisory Group members will be selected following an expression of interest process, with the aim of representation across the diverse communities we serve.

Members will be appointed for a 12-month period after which we will invite all aged care customers and their representatives to attend.

We are looking for people that are interested in being proactive and an active contributor to discussions.

We are committed to best practices and continual improvement across our services. All our collaborations, co-design processes and feedback activities are underpinned by our values of; bold and brave, open and curious and connected and inclusive.

We value lived experience and we welcome your unique and valid input.

Read here for further information.

Please call our Contact Centre on 8245 7196 if you are interested and for more information in becoming a member of our Aged Care Consumer Advisory Group.