Mental Health

Mental health also about how we feel and function in our daily lives. It’s about being able to handle stress, realise our strengths, learn effectively, and contribute positively to our communities. It’s a crucial part of our overall well-being that influences how we make decisions, build relationships, and shape our world.

Almost half of all Australians adults – 7.3 million people – will face mental ill-health at some point. It can affect anyone at any stage of life and can have a negative effect not just on your own life, but also on the people around you ( We understand serious mental health issues, need proper diagnosis and care.

Throughout our lives, various factors—both positive and negative—can influence our mental health. These factors can affect us at different stages, with early experiences often having a lasting impact. However, resilience-building factors like supportive relationships, education, meaningful work, and safe environments can help protect and strengthen our mental well-being.

Taking care of our mental health is essential for our personal growth, our relationships, and our ability to thrive in the world around us.

What we offer

Resource Options and Support for Carers (ROSC)

Family Mental Health Support Service