Emergency Assistance

If you’re on a low income, managing your daily expenses can be tough. It’s ok, we can help.


We are funded to provide emergency assistance to people living in Adelaide’s western suburbs.

Find out if you’re eligible by entering your postcode below.

Unfortunately, you do not live in one of the suburbs where we are funded to provide emergency assistance. Please visit this page on our website to see the locations of other service agencies that may be able to assist you.

Financial relief support for people on temporary visas

The Australian Red Cross may provide financial relief to meet urgent needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the large number of people impacted by COVID-19, the support can only be offered to people in Australia with urgent needs who:

  • are not Australian citizens or permanent residents; and
  • are not eligible for State or Territory funds for temporary visa holders (except those delivered by Red Cross); and
  • have no income or savings and no access to other support.

Please visit the Red Cross website to find out more information.