Financial counselling

Our free financial counselling service, with qualified, independent and compassionate financial counsellors, can put you back in control of your money.

In a caring and non-judgemental way, we will listen to you and help you understand your available options. We can help you with budgeting and managing your money, and provide you with information about your rights as a consumer. We can support and advocate for you, which may include helping you to speak with your creditors, or speaking with them on your behalf. You will always maintain control.

Financial counselling can help you if you are:

    • In arrears with bill or loan payments.
    • Unable to make credit card repayments.
    • Under threat of repossession or being evicted.
    • Facing utility disconnection, court action or bankruptcy.


We are funded to provide financial counselling in Adelaide’s western, inner-northern and inner-southern suburbs.

Find out if you’re eligible for this free service by entering your postcode below.

Unfortunately, you do not live in one of the suburbs where we are funded to provide financial counselling. Please visit moneysmart website to find a financial counsellor near you.

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