Children and young people

UCWB recognises and promotes the safety and wellbeing of children and young people, their right to be heard, participate in decisions affecting them, and their needs be taken seriously in a safe and respectful environment. We commit to the following principles and actions:

  • We will work to inform children, young people and their families about their rights, including safety, information and participation.
  • In our interactions, we will ensure that children and young people have access to safe physical and online environments, and we will minimise the opportunity for them to be harmed.
  • We will recognise the importance of friendships and encourage support from peers in helping children feel safe and connected.
  • We will ensure children have access to abuse prevention information that is appropriate to their age and context.
  • Our staff and volunteers are trained to recognise the signs of abuse and grooming and are skilled to facilitate child-friendly ways for children to express their views and raise concerns.

UCWB adheres to theĀ National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.